Very beautiful sheepskins in different finishes, colors and sizes. These high-quality skins can be used both as decorative objects and, for example, as a bedding. ideal as a cozy and warming seat pad!


The Fur holds in the Winter warm and the Air conditioning provides in the Summer for one pleasant Atmosphere. Lambskin is Breathable and for Allergy sufferers suitable. Sheep’s wool takes to to 30 % Moisture in Shape from Water vapor on, whereby them itself moist and cold feels.


Applying lambskin to bare skin improves circulation and promotes relaxation thanks to its balancing effect.
Electrostatic charges, such as those generated every day by the use of synthetic materials and the resulting static electricity, are not built up when lambskins are used and the natural exchange of charges between the body and the environment is not disturbed. Sheepskin has a relaxing effect on the whole body, promotes good sleep and strengthens your immune system.

  • Coat type: Longhair, shorn and curly
  • Color: brown, dark brown, light grey, mix, white, rust brown, black
  • Size: from 80 - 90 cm; 100 - 110 cm; 110 - 120 cm
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The hair is short and somewhat stiff. The colors are very different: red-brown, brown, dark brown, red-brown-black-brown, black-white or brown-white. The coat is stallion-like, but waviness or wavy markings are rare, and the coat is smooth; the hide is heavier than stallion hide.


Cowhide is often used as a whole for carpets and rugs. The textile industry also uses animal skins as a natural covering material, for example in the manufacture of shoes, upholstered furniture, cushions and handbags.


Cowhide is robust and extreme durable. Durable Cowhide holds also strong Stress in the Office stand. Stubborn Stains Remove You on best, by You the Cowhide careful minimal Suction or with strong Pollution with one moist Cloth dab. Before You the Cowhide again attach, make sure You itself, that the Underside of the leather not to wet is and good dry can.

  • Weight: approx. 5 kg
  • Hair length: approx. 2-3 cm
  • Size: 210 cm x 230 cm
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Rabbit fur

Beautiful, soft rabbit skins in different colors and fur drawings for decorative and craft purposes. Smaller skins, possibly with small holes, but these are hardly or not at all noticeable on the skin side.


Rabbit hair were originally to the Manufacture from hard or soften Felt hats for Men and Women used. First to 1900 were Furs also for Clothing used. Since then is Rabbit fur next to Sheepskin one the on Most processed Raw materials for Leather as Cheap fur.


The average Thickness the Rabbit skin amounts to 0,7-1 mm. The male Skin is normally thicker as the female Skin. As histologic Special feature can a pronounced Muscle fiber network in the lower Thirds the Dermis respected become.

  • Coat type: topcoat, guard hairs and woolly hairs
  • Color: grey-brown, fox-brown, black-brown, grey, black-white, white-black, white, mix
  • Size: approx. 50 x 45 cm
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