Upholstery leather


Luxor cowhide nappa leather

This leather is a semi-aniline, very soft cowhide nappa leather, hard-wearing and hard-wearing. It is used in various areas: Furniture, clothing, contract furnishings, leather goods.

  • Thickness: approx. 1.1 - 1.3 mm
  • Size: approx. 4.5 - 6.0 sqm
  • Tanning: ecologically sound, low-emission mineral tanning, deacidified in oak barrels and retanned with plant extracts
  • Greasing: with selected fats and oils for long-lasting suppleness and a soft feel
  • Dyeing: dyed through in the drum, with high-quality dyes

Finishing: A wafer-thin PU finish gives the leather very high light and abrasion resistance, its pleasantly soft character and hard-wearing properties. The finish also makes LUXOR extremely easy to clean and dirt-resistant. An impregnation is applied with natural waxes, which also lend the warm, pleasant feel. The leather is fully breathable and therefore has excellent hygienic properties

Care: The surface of the leather is very hard-wearing and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and neutral soap solution. We recommend the Keralux leather care range. Please refer to the care instructions for further information. You can purchase this and other care products from us.

  • Light fastness: >= 5
  • Tear resistance: >4
  • Bends: 20,000 bends
  • Adhesion of the finish: 1.5 N/cm
  • Fire test: DIN EN 1021 Part I+II
  • Environment: free from AZO dyes classified as carcinogenic
  • PCP-free, no chromium (VI)
  • Minimum order quantity: 1/2 skin
  • Perforation: possible for an additional charge
  • Environment: free from AZO dyes classified as carcinogenic
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