The advantages

compared to other materials:

  • Widths from 10 to 102 mm
  • Variety of thicknesses, colors, coating + texture.
  • Uniform thickness along the entire length
  • Hole pull-out strength
  • Easy to clean or disinfect
  • Variety of stretchable thicknesses from 500-12,000 pounds/square inch
  • Wear resistance
  • Hygienic: the molds are durable and do not become moldy
  • No odors, no bacteria
  • No material deterioration when exposed to natural elements
  • Can be welded, embossed, sewn, fastened, etc. without any loss of quality

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Our product range includes articles for:

Occupational safety, equestrian and dog sports, technical applications


Matt polyurethane with leather embossing. More abrasion-resistant and slightly stiffer than BETA. Recommended for harnesses and stirrups.



Matt, soft PVC with leather embossing. The feel and look are modeled on leather. Recommended for horse halters, reins, dog leads



Glossy, slightly stiffer polyurethane with a smooth surface. Recommended for horse halters and dog collars.