Super Rein Grip QT


Thanks to its matt appearance, it gives every product an elegant look. But not only that, its robustness is beyond question. In cold weather conditions, the BioThane®-BETA Super rein grip its flexibility, which sets it apart from other materials. Would you like to find out more about the variety of BioThane products? Then visit our home page via BioThane® BETA.

For all those interested in the details: The Beta 700 Super pure grip we offer has a thickness of 6.35mm. This guarantees a long service life and reliability.

The work

Working with BioThane®-BETA Super Rein Grip is now easier than ever thanks to our tool department. There you will find everything you need to punch and rivet your material. If you wonder what our products look like in action, take a look at this Review. There you will gain a deeper insight into the versatility and quality of BioThane.

Super Grip(without studs)

Why Super grip?

You may be wondering why you should choose Super grip. It is simple. This product has the same Beta imprint that we all love. But it has one difference: it’s super grippy. And no, it doesn’t have nubs. This means an even and non-slip surface.

Flexibility in action

Are you curious to see how flexible this material is? Take a look at this Youtube short and. It will convince you. And while you’re at it, take a look at the BioThane®-BETA Super pure grip with studs and the classic BioThane BETA.

BioThane®-BETA Super grip: The next generation

Die BioThane®-BETA Super grip collection brings innovation and elegance to your hands. This version stands out from others. How? It is not 15.24 meters long, but an impressive 30.48 meters. This is the double of what you got from BETA Super Rein Grip BioThane would expect. And the best part? It comes in a stylish black.